• Floating open view of the Smul luxury car air freshener unit. You have a view of the top compartment, gel car scents in the middle, and the bottom compartment which attaches to the car's air inlets.

    Long-Lasting Car Fragrance

    Essential Oils Are Blended Into A Gel To Increase Scent Duration.

  • Smoke coming out of women's mouth while sitting in the drivers seat, legs on pavement with the car door open.

    Smoke & Odor Neutralizer

    Charcoal Ion Purification Will Decompose Car Odor & Smoke Smell.

  • Smul Luxury Car Air Freshener, box in a Mercedes E53 AMG

    Timeless Design To Complement Your Ride

    Simple Functional Design Which Clips On Your Car Air Inlets & Vents.

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  • 60 Day Scent Guaranteed

    Fragrances made with a dual purpose to last longer and eliminate unwanted odors.

  • Complement Your Car Interior

    Our focus on craftsmanship will impress both you and your passengers.

  • Made With Essential Oils

    Contains no allergens or artificial chemicals to keep you feeling better everyday.

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  • Cologne car scents made with Sicilian citrus, amber wood, sandalwood and bergamot essential oils fragrances

    Feel Your Best And Most Confident Self

    Smells Like Your Favorite Cologne.

  • Serene car scents made with violet, lotus, honey, tuberose, and amber wood essential oil fragrances

    Remember Your Most Vivid Memories

    Inspires The Feeling Of Nostalgia.

  • Essence car scents made with lost scent, jasmine, sage, lavender and vanilla essential oil fragrances

    Be Relaxed And At Ease

    Inspires The Feeling Of Joy And Connection.

Finger touching Smul luxury car air freshener on & off switch.

Start Stop Switch

Car Fragrance Levels Are Controlled With A Built-In Vent Switch.