• Smul Luxury Car Air Freshener, box in a Mercedes E53 AMG

    Complements Your Ride

    Sleek & Functional Design Clips To Your Car's Air Inlets & Vents.

  • Smoke coming out of women's mouth while sitting in the drivers seat, legs on pavement with the car door open.

    Smoke & Odor Neutralizer

    Charcoal Ion Purification Will Decompose Car Odor & Smoke Smell.

  • Floating open view of the Smul luxury car air freshener unit. You have a view of the top compartment, gel car scents in the middle, and the bottom compartment which attaches to the car's air inlets.

    Long-Lasting Car Fragrance

    Blended Essential Oils Ensure a Lasting Scent Experience.

  • 60 Day Scent Guaranteed

    Fragrances Made With A Dual Purpose To Last Longer & Eliminate Unwanted Odors.

  • Complement Your Car Interior

    Our Focus On Craftsmanship Will Impress Both You And Your Passengers.

  • Made With Essential Oils

    Contains No Allergens Or Artificial Chemicals To Keep You Feeling Better Everyday.

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Smul luxury car air freshener attached to a car vent in an Audi RS7
Smul luxury car air freshener unit is near shifter in a BMW M4
  • Cologne car scents made with Sicilian citrus, amber wood, sandalwood and bergamot essential oils fragrances

    Feel Your Most Confident Self

    Smells Like Your Favorite Cologne.

  • Serene car scents made with violet, lotus, honey, tuberose, and amber wood essential oil fragrances

    Rediscover Your Forgotten Memories

    Inspires The Feeling Of Nostalgia.

  • Essence car scents made with lost scent, jasmine, sage, lavender and vanilla essential oil fragrances

    Be At Ease In The Present

    Inspires The Feeling Of Joy And Connection.

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