5 Best Luxury Car Air Fresheners That Will Elevate Your Drive

DECEMBER 11,2022


For Along Time, Drivers Had Few Options For Car Air Fresheners. 

You work hard, saving all your money to buy the car that you had your eyes on this whole time, dreaming about it until you finally committed. 

The fresh leather, the soft but clean interior, the new car scent, and the high you're feeling, cannot be relived. 

After a few months, that sense of excitement and possibility that comes with owning a new car is washed away. You take your car to the car wash and hang a flimsy little pine tree or clip a cheap plastic device, that slowly permeates a headache inducing artificial lemon scent.

Don't let this upset you, you deserve better. We don't have a time machine to take you back to that precious memory, but we can help you get darn close to replicating that first scent. 

We've brought together a list of the top 5 best luxury car air fresheners in no particular order. They make driving a lot more enjoyable, impressing both you and your passengers. 

You don't need a break in your car relationship, you just need to spice it up. With the New Year around the corner, treat yourself and your partner to one of these luxury car air fresheners.


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  • "After 80 hours of research and testing, including interviewing daily drivers and customers, we think that these top 5 are the best luxury car air fresheners"

    • Riley

1. Charabanc

Charabanc is a British company which prides itself on invoking the halcyon days of driving with its luxury car fragrances.

These scents are created to mimic the scents of some of the world’s most famous driving routes, don’t expect an artificial apples or lemon scent. 

The plains of Castellucio in Italy, for instance, are depicted with notes of lavender, sage, Calabrian bergamot, and leather, while Colorado’s Plateau’s Monument Valley is referenced via amber, cypress oil, and jasmine.

2. Diptyque

Made in France, Diptyque has released a line of car diffusers which feature some of their most famous scents — including Figuier and Ambre — so you’ll never have to assault your nose with pine trees and cheap alternatives.

As with any Diptyque product, these accessories get the signature Art Nouveau treatment, with an adjustable window to set the intensity of the scent.

3. Smul

Smul is a Canadian company making a lot of noise in North America. We specialize in luxury car air fresheners, with lasting scents that will impress both you and your passengers. 

Our Black Diffuser vent clip is made with airplane grade aluminum and designed to complement any luxury car interior. We're a big level up from the cheap plastic car vent units found at your local gas station and drug store.

Our scents are formulated with a variety of essential oil blends that will put you at ease. We don't use chemical fragrances that will leave you with a migraine. 

Our Cologne scent is by far the most popular, made with a blend of sicilian citrus, amber wood, sandalwood and bergamot. We'll bring back that nostalgic feeling of when you first went behind the wheel and had the open road in front of you.

4. Car Cologne

UK's leading brand Car Cologne is making a lot of noise all over Europe. They sell a wide range of luxury car fresheners inspired by high-end fragrances. Whether you’re looking for a hanging card freshener, car mist spray or oil diffuser, they have it all.

Anik Zubair their founder has a strong passion for both the automotive and fragrance industries, this passion led him to quit his job and start Car Cologne in 2018.

We really like their Car Mist Diffuser, they have 20+ different fragrance oils to choose from that are based on designer colognes and perfumes. Nothing beats long-lasting and luxurious.

5. Clemt

With its sleek silver metal facade, Clemt’s Diffuser Pebble looks not a single bit out of place within any luxury sports car, all while subtly keeping it fresh.

Each diffuser is carefully precision milled, and then hand-finished to create a unique surface treatment. The reusable accessory can then be filled with your choice of fragrance, making it a sustainable option that goes hand in hand with your luxury EV.

A bit on the pricier side but makes a great gift idea for car lovers, professional drivers and automotive enthusiasts.

Not all luxury car air fresheners are created equal

At Smul we believe in transparency and providing our customers with all the information they need to make the best purchasing decision. That's why we share information about our competitors with our customers. By openly discussing the options available, we can show that we are confident in our own product and are not afraid to compare ourselves to others.

Ultimately, the best luxury car air freshener for you will depend on your personal preferences and what experience you're looking for. It may be helpful to read reviews and compare different options and designs before making a decision. To begin your search, take a look at our Smul collection below as an excellent starting point.